Documentary wedding photography with an artistic flair.

I use my creative eye and artistic skills to create beautiful images that tell the story of your wedding day.

I document your wedding day as it uniquely unfolds. The details...  the moments...  and the emotions.

I focus on capturing actual moments and real emotions  - as they happen.

I am not a director.  I am just an observer.

It is YOUR day... Not mine.


Your Wedding Day

You have dreamed about this day for a long time.  You have invited only your closest family members and dearest friends, and have spent countless hours planning and organizing all the details to create a magical wedding day that is uniquely yours.  One that will be full of love and laughter and heartfelt emotions.

I will capture and document your special day and will turn all those emotions and magical moments into memories that will last a lifetime. That is the power and beauty of photography - it can freeze a specific moment in time, along with all the emotions of it. Moments such as...

The laughs and tears as your closest and most trusted friend helps you get ready, or when your Mom gives you a loving smile, followed by the best hug ever - one that only Moms can give.

Your Dad's proud and reflective look as he walks you down the aisle.  A moment that every Dad reluctantly anticipates, yet will happily perform as he reminisces about a lifetime of cherished memories while looking ahead to your future life filled with love and happiness.

The look in your partner's eyes as you walk down the aisle towards his or her waiting heart.

Each of you as you both publicly & officially join your hearts and souls together as one, while only your closest family and dearest friends bear witness with their presence, their love, and their support.

Your grandmother as she proudly watches with knowing and caring eyes, as a new branch is added to her family tree.

The look on your face as your favorite uncle gives an impromptu toast, one which makes you laugh but also feel slightly embarrassed. Probably about something you did when you were 8 years old.

And of course, I will capture the wonderful and thoughtful details that reflect your personality and make the wedding uniquely yours, as well as many of the candid and spontaneous moments - ones that only come from the kindred spirit of family and from the heartfelt camaraderie of close friends.



I firmly believe that you can tell a fake smile from a real one.  So much so, that my shooting style is based on this very premise.  I prefer to capture real smiles and real emotions in naturally occurring candid moments, rather than the forced smiles you see in posed shots.

So when I do the portraits of the married couple, I prefer to do "set up" shots rather than posed ones.  By a "set up" shot, I mean that I may have you sit together on a stone wall, or walk hand in hand down a wooded road, but I want you to just be yourselves truly enjoying each other's company.  It may be MY setup scene, but it has to be YOUR moment. YOU have to own it - it has to be REAL.  I prefer to be more of an observer rather than a director.