Will you travel?

Yes!  Travel time of up to 2 hours each way to and from your venue is included in all my packages.  If the travel distance is longer than that, additional fees may be charged, or overnight accommodations will have to be provided if deemed necessary.


Are you insured?

Yes.  I have full Commercial General Liability coverage and can have a Certificate of Coverage faxed or emailed to your venue if they require one. 


My partner and I are of the same gender.  Would you still photograph our wedding?

Yes of course! Kris Dobbins Photography proudly supports the LBGTQ community. I would absolutely love to tell the story of your wedding day with my photography..  As with all couples, I would first want to meet with you and learn about your specific plans and expectations, and to verify that I am the right photographer for you.   


What happens if an emergency or a sickness prevents you from photographing our wedding?

I am an active member of New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association (NHPPA) and also the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), both of which provide a way to easily reach out to a network of backup professional wedding photographers available for this exact scenario. Rest assured, your wedding day will be covered by a Professional Photographer.


How long after our wedding day will we receive our images?

You will receive your images within 4-8 weeks.  Once they are ready, the final images will be posted to your private on-line gallery for viewing, downloading, and sharing.  They will also be uploaded to an on-line professional printing service site for directly ordering beautiful high-quality prints.  You will also be sent a copy of them on a USB Drive.

I take a lot of pride in delivering a high-quality final product that will beautifully tell the story of your wedding day.  I perform all the final editing and post-processing myself.  After a culling process to determine all the "keepers", each image is inspected on a color-calibrated monitor and then custom adjusted and edited as needed using my professional "digital darkroom" toolkit and powerful image editing software.  I do not send the images out to a third party image editing service because I want complete control over the creative vision of my work. After all, its my creative eye that you have contracted, and not some team of people that you have never met. 


What happens if we lose or damage the images after receiving them?

No worries - in addition to my own personal on-site and off-site backups, the final images are also stored on a secure, fully redundant, cloud-based storage service.  I do however, recommend that you make your own personal backup copy of the images upon your receipt of them.


If we would like prints made from our wedding images, can we order them through you?

Yes. I offer a wide range of affordable a-la-cart printing services through a professional printing lab that works exclusively with professional portrait and wedding photographers.  The quality of their products is outstanding and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Many people make the mistake of spending a lot of money to ensure an amazing wedding day, only to then compromise on the quality of the prints out of convenience or the desire to save money by taking them to their local K-Mart, CVS, or Walgreens.  These stores are set up to process photos from average Joe's using point-and-shoot cameras, they are not highly-skilled and trained technicians using the latest printer calibration software on extremely high-end commercial printers.

The incremental price differences are worth the huge difference in quality, and, after all, they ARE precious memories of your wedding day and should be treated as such.

This option is available on all packages. When your final images are ready, you will be given a private link to the on-line printing service for ordering specific prints.  Framed art, fine-art canvases, and other specialty items are available as well, but must be ordered directly through me.


Do you offer Wedding Albums?

Yes - I offer professionally designed wedding albums.  They are heirloom-quality and cannot be remotely compared to a press-printed book that you may order from an online photo service such as Flickr, Shutterfly, or Snapfish. There is something magical and wonderful about pulling out a beautiful wedding album that tells the story of your wedding day. It is something that you will cherish and enjoy 20 years from now - long after your USB Drive is obsolete. I strongly feel that you should have something like this.  Please see my Wedding Album page for more details and pricing.