Preserve Your Story

Nothing quite tells the story of your wedding day more beautifully than an heirloom quality wedding album.  It tells everyone who sees it just how important and meaningful your wedding day was in your life - much more so than a temporary electronic display of the same images.  It allows you to pause, to reflect, and to feel. In your own way, at your own pace, and in your own time.  Viewing it is something special  - deserving of its own moment with your undivided attention.  Its not just a web page on your laptop or smart phone fighting for your attention and screen space.  A wedding album has substance - both with its physical presence, and also with its emotional weight because of its ability to transcend the present and transport you back in time to that day... that moment... that emotion.

An heirloom quality wedding album will stand the test of time.  It will be what you pull out on your 25th wedding anniversary - long after your USB Drives are obsolete.  It will be what your children or grandchildren will look at in dreamy wonderment - spellbound by your beauty and youthfulness, as well as by the time capsule that they are holding.  Don't just give them an electronic link to pixels stored somewhere in the cloud.  Give them a priceless family keepsake to cherish and preserve, and to love - forever.


Standard Wedding Album Details

  • Custom made in the USA
  • Professionally designed
  • 10" x 10" size
  • 30 pages (15 2-page spreads) - good for about 90 of your favorite images
  • Thick pages (about the thickness of a nickel)
  • UV Coated for protection against finger prints
  • Open Lay-flat design
  • Synthetic leather Cover
  • Synthetic leather wrapped presentation box


Wedding Album Options

  • Leather color
  • Square or rounded corners
  • Embossing (up to 2 lines)
  • Additional pages
  • Optional 8" x 8" parent-album size
  • Optional 12" x 12" coffee table size 
  • Additional "clone design" copies available in sizes 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12 (at a reduced price)
  • Choice of optional photo cover
  • Choice of optional premium leather
  • Optional premium leather-wrapped wooden presentation box


Wedding Album Design

Our albums are professionally designed by a Design Studio service. Each album is CUSTOM DESIGNED based on YOUR wedding day images. It will be unique to your wedding and your wedding only. No standard templates are used as they feel that every wedding has its own theme and story, and it should be told in its own personal and unique way.  Your images will not be forced into a cookie-cutter design just to save time and money.   

  • Choice of 3 design styles:

    • Traditional

      • A classically designed album with the look of matted pages using a black or white background. No stokes or drop shadows.  No text or graphic effects.  Click here to see a sample Traditional Album layout.
    • Modern

      • A blend of the Traditional design layout with the addition of background imagery and overlay effects.  Colored strokes, drop shadows, border edges and background textures are used.  Limited text on pages. Click here to see a sample Modern Album layout.
    • Platinum

      • This layout offers a blend of all three styles, Traditional, and Modern.  Full double page spreads allow for each page to be dramatically designed to feature your images combined with unique graphic elements.  Names and text phrases available on pages. Click here to see a sample Platinum Album layout.


  • Online design review

    • A digital copy of the album layout will be made available to you to review online
    • Detailed comments and revision requests can be made on each album page spread
    • 3 Revision rounds are offered, each with unlimited change requests.  Additional revision design fees will be charged after the 3rd round of free revisions. 


The Design Process

Our goal is to keep this process as simple as possible for you. Once you select your favorite images, the layout style, and any album options, the album will be custom designed for you. After the initial design is complete, you will be given an online link allowing you to review it, and to also make detailed revision requests on each page. Up to 3 rounds of UNLIMITED REVISIONS are included for free. Only once you are completely satisfied with the design and OK it for production, will the album be physically produced. You will then be contacted by me when it is ready for you to take delivery of it to enjoy for the rest of your lives!